Northern New Mexico Style

Building one of a kind, one at a time.

Classic Northern New Mexico

New Mexico Classic Pitched Metal Roof
High Desert, High Altitude, High Snow Accumulation -- Ski!

This true Northern New Mexico style metal roof home is located near Edgewood, New Mexico and sits on three acres. Phil, a geologist, and Denise, environmental scientist and member of the National Academy of Sciences, have done a wonderful job of landscaping with all native plants.

Design costs are generally calculated as a flat rate and based on the size of the project.

Frame/stucco is the most cost effective means of construction.

Of course, details are the primary component that can add to the bottom line costs.

Radiant heating coils are covered by concrete, then with tile or
carpet. This type of warm floor heat is controled in multi-zoned thermostats.This type of of heating system is typical in Sunsmiths homes. You can have a warm Masterbath and a cool Master Bedroom.

The living room has a high, vaulted ceiling with large walls that have been decorated with a collection of masks from around the world.

The wood details such as the exposed beam and corbel shown, are common in all Sunsmiths homes.

As in almost all Sunsmiths designs, the front entry is a solar collector, air lock and a great plant room.

A steep roof line and tall windows, helped by a courtyard wall and gate, make this type of architecture true to the area.

Custom designed and hand crafted gate by Chuck Ring of Madera Encantada.

Award Winning Pueblo Style Northern New Mexico Style Integrated Flat & Pitched Roof Authentic Adobe Brick Construction
Award Winning
Pueblo Flat Roof
Northern N.M.
Pitched Metal Roof
Integrated Flat
& Pitched Roo
Authentic Adobe
Brick Construction

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