Integrated Flat & Pitched Roof Style

Building one of a kind, one at a time.

Integrated Flat/Pitched Roof.

Integrated Flat & Pitched Roof Design
Classic Flat Pueblo and Pitched Northern New Mexico Styles

Mirabonita is located on 81 acres outside Las Vegas, New Mexico, with views of a lake and a stream that runs through the property. This home combines both pueblo and northern New Mexico roof designs that give a look that is just enough different to be distinctive.

The Meier's, of Zurich, Switzerland, had Michael Spiller and Sunsmiths design this house in 1996 and had specific furniture that had to have space developed into just about every room.

The cove plastered ceiling between native vigas in the dining room can be seen from the living room or the kitchen.

Built into the side of a hill, there is an 8' difference between the main living area and the upstairs bedroom and study.

The home contains 2800 square feet of details that lend themselves to a feeling of openness and yet provides defined, separate living spaces.

True saltillo tile floors and solid granite countertops, oak cabinetry and gourmet cooking appliances make this kitchen one that is easy to work in.

The center island has a salad sink.   The sitting area is lowered to table height to accomodate standard chairs.

Award Winning Pueblo Style Northern New Mexico Style Integrated Flat & Pitched Roof Authentic Adobe Brick Construction
Award Winning
Pueblo Flat Roof
Northern N.M.
Pitched Metal Roof
Integrated Flat
& Pitched Roo
Authentic Adobe
Brick Construction

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