Award Winning Pueblo Style


Award Winning Pueblo

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1997 Home of Enchantment Award
First Place Winner  $262,000-$300,000 Category
Northern New Mexico Style


Classic Northern New Mexico

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New Mexico Classic Pitched Metal Roof
High Desert, High Altitude, High Snow Accumulation -- Ski!
Integrated Flat/Pitched Roof Style

Integrated Flat/Pitched Roof

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Integrated Flat/Pitched Roof Design
Classic Flat Pueblo and Pitched Northern New Mexcio Styles
Authentic Adobe Brick Construction

Authentic Adobe Brick Construction

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Sunsmiths Ltd. Authentic Adobe Brick
Tradition and innovation in adobe design and construction

Michael Spiller's Sunsmiths Ltd. designs and builds award winning homes that incorporate craftsmanship, modern technologies and a personal touch. Do you have a floorplan that you love or do you need something designed for your land? We can help with all that you need. Whatever the project, Sunsmiths' goal is the same; create the ideal home and living environment for the client's lifestyle.

With over twenty years of hands-on experience, Michael Spiller and his company Sunsmiths, Ltd., has an in-depth knowledge of Southwestern architecture, design and detail. The "Santa Fe Style" is the essence of Sunsmiths background, for Michael's roots in New Mexico go back over 100 years.

If you are looking for a designer and builder of true adobe or the more affordable (per square foot cost) "adobe style" home, strawbale construction or just about any style of construction, Sunsmiths Ltd. is the company for you. You will see on the following pages the unique and one-of-a-kind homes that makes Sunsmiths special. Let us build one for you!!!

In support of design and construction services, Sunsmiths can assist you with all the other aspects of building that new home.

Award Winning Pueblo Style Northern New Mexico Style Integrated Flat & Pitched Roof Authentic Adobe Brick Construction
Award Winning
Pueblo Flat Roof
Northern N.M.
Pitched Metal Roof
Integrated Flat
& Pitched Roo
Authentic Adobe
Brick Construction

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