Authentic Adobe Brick Construction

Building one of a kind, one at a time.

Authentic Adobe Brick Construction

Sunsmiths Ltd. Authentic Adobe Brick
Tradition and innovation in adobe design and construction

Sunsmiths Ltd. is one of the best in adobe design and construction. The cost of this type of building is for only a few, but the finished product is well worth the price.

Adobe homes are as comfortable as any home can be! Cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With the use of simple solar design, any type of construction can reap the benefits of this free and wonderful energy.

Wood details in a true adobe or a frame/stucco home are developed in a way that shows that Sunsmiths knows how and what to do.

Levels in the house are structured and designed around the site and its particular requirements.

Adobe and wood have been used to accent each other for centuries. Native New Mexican Pine and Fir are used as much as possible in the details as well as in the structural elements.

"Strong backed" manpower is one of the prime components in the building of an adobe home. Each adobe brick weighs around 40 lbs.

Non-traditional design elements, such as this hexagonal window, used in the proper place can add to the over-all personality of the house.



Award Winning Pueblo Style Northern New Mexico Style Integrated Flat & Pitched Roof Authentic Adobe Brick Construction
Award Winning
Pueblo Flat Roof
Northern N.M.
Pitched Metal Roof
Integrated Flat
& Pitched Roo
Authentic Adobe
Brick Construction

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